Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Get Back Up

I gotta admit, my daughter is one of the most amazing people I know. She is the type of kid that decides what she wants, sets her goals and then goes after it. She never ceases to amaze me. She had a big gymnastics meet this past weekend and on her first event (bars) she had a fall. What a way to start out the meet. She could have decided that this fall was going to set the tone for her meet and let the rest of it go down hill, but instead she chose to continue to press on and she ended up taking second place overall, only missing the first place title by less than .50 of a point.

My point being... there's going to be falls along our life's journey, but don't let them bring you down. Get back up, press on, and realize that you can still be simply amazing!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Taking Inventory

October has arrived and we're now very much into our gymnastics season. Not quite to the halfway point, but not at the very beginning either. My world is spinning about 75 mph and I'm lucky if I get a moment to go to the bathroom these days. I really like the girls I'm coaching at our gym and I'm loving just about every minute of it. I'm there every day of the week but Mondays and when I'm not there I'm worried that I'm missing out on the happenings. So much of my life is consumed with gymnastics, but I'm thankful that I have a daughter for a gymnast so that I'm in the gym just about the same hours that she's working out.

I'm surprised by all the soul searching I've done lately and how I've been taking a lot of self-inventory. I find myself looking at my own faults and imperfections while helping to point out the outwardly corrections that need to be made with the girls that I coach. Two separate things I know and yet similar in many ways as well.

Do you ever just take a look at yourself and think, "what in the world has happened to me over time and who have I become?" Lately I've found myself thinking this a lot... and I don't like it. I don't like that so much of who I've become is not who I really wanted to end up like. Okay, don't get me wrong - I have an amazing husband, awesome children, a pretty good gig at the gym, and the friends I keep close to my heart take my breath away when I think of them. But the inside of me feels so out of control at the moment and I feel anxious and stressed.

So me being the planner, I want to find a solution to all this inward madness because as the clock continues to click and the moment passes I desire to be so much more and feel as though time is running out. As a coach it's my job to make my girls better gymnasts and encourage them to find it in themselves to be better for themselves. But the crazy thing about it all is that I hear myself talking and feel like I'm the one that needs to be better - that I'm capable of so much more than what I'm doing at the moment. Do you feel that too?

Let's work together to make ourselves better on a daily basis and as we begin to do that then we can begin to change the world around us. It's starts from within. Find it - and be amazing!