Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CrossFit - Oh Yeah!

OKay - so I started doing CrossFit back in January...this after resigning from almost 7 years of teaching Jazzercise. I didn't go but once a week... and there were times that I'd miss a week or two at a time. I didn't want to be too anxious about hopping back into another workout program after doing Jazzercise for so long.

I started tracking my workouts the end of March. In that time I found my max on numerous lifts:

* Push Press - 100#
* Back Squat - 215#
* Shoulder Press - 85#
*Dead Lift - 225#
*Clean & Jerk - 115#
*Front Squat - 155#
*Behind the neck Jerk - 85#
*Power Snatch - 85#
*Overhead Squats - 75#
*Hang Squat Clean - 100#
*Bench Press - 115#

I'm not satisfied with all that. I want and will go up in the next few months. I'll repost at a later date.

A few other goals I'm keeping close to my heart:
*Climbing the rope at the gym I coach at. I'm giving myself until the end of the year.
*Losing about 15-20 pounds. I think I'm in the zone - finally... so here's hoping that I can get it done.
*Competing in a local CrossFit competition? Ya never know. BUT I do like to have goals to work towards - it keeps me going back to CrossFit and wanting to push my body to it's limits.

Another thing I'm excited about is that I've really grown to love CrossFit and all the crazy intense workouts. I'm currently going 3x a week but am considering upping my workouts to 5x a week beginning June!

Lastly, I've met some really great people and made some fun friends. I'm so lucky to have found such a great program and group of hard working people. I <3 my trainers at Crossfit and the workouts. I can't say enough. LOL.