Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where do you live?

Do you live in the here and now - the present? Do you live in the past - remembering the glory days? Do you live for the future - hoping for what is to come?

It seems like lately I've been coming across many who still live in the past. Instead of just remembering the good old days and all their glory - they continue to stay there... not necessarily moving forward with their lives. I believe that when more than half of the conversations are about the past, that we've not really left that part of our lives behind. While they were good times, we ought to be moving forward with our lives. Know what I'm talking about?

And let's just say that it doesn't have to be the good times that pull us back to the days long ago. It can be painful memories and hurtful events that also allow us to stay there as well. Sometimes we don't allow ourselves forgiveness and grace to move on, despite the actions of others. Even though it's easy to say that we shouldn't allow others to dictate our feelings and actions, the fact remains that for some of us - we do.

I challenge you to live out today and tomorrow and the next - living in the now. Don't look back on how it was... or if only you had changed something in your past to make today turn out differently. Reality is: what's done is done - can't change it - move on. The past is how it was and today doesn't necessarily have to be a reflection of that.

If you need to forgive yourself or others - do it. If you need to grant yourself a little bit of grace or someone else - give it. Move on! You can do it. When you do, there's freedom (and perhaps a little bit of relief) knowing that your past doesn't have to hold you captive any longer. And by all means, don't allow others to pull you back with them. You deserve to move forward.

So, where do you live? Remember... you can make the choice... you can make a move if you need to. Move along now... and have a great week!