Friday, February 19, 2010

The Gift Of Others

When people ask me how I've got over 900 friends on Facebook, the next question they usually ask is if I actually know that many people. Truth be told - I know just about all but 40 or so. I've been blessed to have come across so many people in my lifetime and I do not take each encounter for granted. Does it sound silly? If not for the opportunity of getting to know a person on a personal level and building a good friendship, at least there's the hope of networking and or possibly helping one another out in a professional way.

I've mentioned in blogs before about how I hold people close to my heart. I'm not lying when I say I would do just about anything for someone I call a friend. And while I know some people I've come across in my life that I've truly cared for would not return the favor, I'm alright with that because I did what I needed to do and what I'm wired to do.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and at times it's to my disadvantage. Yes, I get hurt at times because I do this. BUT doesn't a person get hurt simply by not sharing their life with others too? I was having coffee with a dear friend of mine just recently and she mentioned how I know so many people and how it's so easy for me to just put myself out there - emotionally and physically. She's the opposite, she doesn't tend to do that and she said, she hurts herself by not allowing others to get to know her and by allowing herself to vent and express what's on her heart.

Either way, I'm not encouraging you to change the way that you express your emotion and share life. BUT I am challenging you to allow yourself to get to know the people around you. Go ahead and take a moment to start up a conversation with your regular coffee barrista, ask the clerk at the grocery store how they are doing (and mean it), say hello to the people you see on a regular basis but have never spoken to at school, work, etc. You never know what kind of gift you might unwrap. And even better, you never know if you might be that person that they need in their life at the moment!

You are amazing - go and be it!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Valleys

It's true, life's not always a mountain-top experience. So what do you do when it's not? Lately I've been feeling very challenged emotionally and physically. Life seems to be kicking my butt. I freakin' hate it! SO, I always know that when I begin to feel this way, it won't be long before I'm back up and running.

The valleys... oh the valleys. I tend to withdraw when I get this way. I don't enjoy being around people, which is so opposite of how I'm wired. All of a sudden it's like someone's put negativity glasses on me and everything around me is completely wrong and lame. I begin re-evaluating friendships and relationships and looking over my life and what I've done and what I've not done. All the evaluating and what not pulls me down even more. It's a pretty bad state of being. However, do you find yourself in the valley from time to time? What do you do to pull yourself out?

If you're anything like me - being that low just doesn't work for me. I love life and I love people. Those closest to me start to worry about me because they know that something's just not right, and it's not.

I'm really grateful for family and friends and my faith. They pull me through every time. Everyone needs that support system around them. If they don't - it's time to start looking around.

Who's gonna be there for you when you are celebrating on the mountain-top? And who's gonna be there for you along life's journey that is often times less emotional and exciting? And then, who's going to be there for you when you are in the valley? Hopefully the same person for all three! And don't you want to be that person to someone else as well?

I encourage you to grasp on to another human being and love them the way you want to be loved. Be the kind of friend to them that you want in return. So much of life is relationships. I've always felt this way. I firmly believe this to my core. We are people and we need one another. Love, laugh, live. I love that - it's so true.

Go - be that amazing person that you are. Share yourself with others and allow yourself to be amazing to them as well. You deserve it... they deserve it. You are amazing!