Thursday, March 19, 2009

Becoming stronger

I just recently added strength training into my workout routine. I've been doing it consistently for three weeks now. It wasn't easy in the beginning, I didn't really want to lift weights on top of my busy Jazzercise schedule, but I realize how important it is.

Life is a lot like strength training. When lifting weights, you might only add a small amount of resistance, perhaps 10-20 pounds to start. It feels like that amount of weight is almost too hard to lift and the muscles tire quickly and you're sore for a couple days after. Some days it almost seems pointless and easy to just not even do the workout.

If you continue lifting on a consistent basis - you begin to see yourself getting stronger and taking on more weight and challenging your body to lift one more rep or set. You won't necessarily see it right away, it will more than likely take time - for some many months... but this amazing thing happens - your body begins to transform and your muscles become more defined and tone.

A lot like life - sometimes we are put into a situation that's uncomfortable or not easy... but know that we've got to stay in it - if for no other reason, because we've got no other choice. BUT stick it out, take from each moment the lessons meant to be learned from each challenge. Look at it as a way of strengthening yourself and making yourself a better person.

Before you know it - you might be surprised to see this new person evolving in front of you. One day you might not even recognize that person you once were because you've grown into a much stronger person. Consider it a workout for your inner-being and soul. Take from life and learn... each day has so many lessons to offer you.



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Excellent article. I look forward to reading your posts.